Electromobility in Poland

The establishment and activities of ElectroMobility Poland are a part of the Electromobility Development Plan, which is an opportunity
for development of the Polish industry, science and also a tool for enhancing economic growth.

Electromobility is one of the pillar components of the Responsible Development Plan> and aims to create convenient conditions for the dissemination of electric vehicles.

The results of implementation of the Electromobility Development Plan will be better quality of life, lower air pollution, reduction of noise pollution as well as accessibility and comfort of public transport.

More about the Electromobility Development Plan
O projekcie - EMP
The project assumes that by 2025, there will be
a million electric cars on polish roads, as well as
introducing the concept of electrification of public
transport. These projects are of key important for
the growth of innovation in the Polish economy.

In addition - these activities will cause additional energy demands which will allow better utilisation of production capacities while at the same time reducing air pollution, especially in large cities. In the announcement, there is also a package of legislative changes serving a sales model for the service of charging electric vehicles.